Solutions Library

The solutions library is a global initiative to create a library of problems and issues that have occurred and were solved. This library of articles is created from thousands and millions of stories from professionals that have encountered issues and fixed them.

FLE has created the platform on which professionals may share their experiences in any format; as an article it can be constructed in the way and language of their preference.

We find that the most efficient way to provide content is to deliver the problem encountered in a few sentences, and then provide the solution that solved the problem. After that, conclude with the results in quantitative form, such as saving in time, resources etc.

The best articles will contain details in a micro resolution, and the least effective articles will be macro generic.

The articles are not designed to be academic, there is no need for referencing, this is purely a business related article presenting a problem, presenting the solution and delivering the result.

The articles are all open to discussion and sharing.

Every article published will go through a peer review only to impose site restrictions on irrelevant postings, these are considered to be spam postings for subjects that are not covered in this project.

The subject areas are defined broadly as being supply chain, logistics, transport, procurement, material handling, inventory control, planing, forecasting, blockchain and information engineering.

Benefits of Contributing Articles

The larger the solutions library, the more accurate and deterministic can Fuzzy.One create a range of solutions for instances. That is why we are not limiting our solutions library to a particular format and language. The authors contributing may provide the format and write in any language they desire. Fuzzy.One will provide translation via the Google translate tool.

FLEx and Bonuses

All subscribers that upload articles receive payment in the form of FLEx, the Fuzzy.One erc-20 token. This is considered to be a gift given for free by the FLE. These tokens only hold a value that is set by the various exchanges the token is traded within. Value is set by the trade and only the token holders define the trade and subsequent value. Fuzzy.One and FLE do not trade in FLEx.