With over 40 years of cumulative experience, we provide a list of all the companies we have worked with over the years (the dates are when the project commenced)

Going Online with the Solutions Library and Tokens

Projects managed during this time:

  • Fuzzy Logistics Engineering Ltd. (2020) – The design and construction of an information library system based on fuzzy logic to enhance and optimise search results. The integration of blockchain with standard internet to create a hybrid system utilising the best of both methods..
  • Parakeelya Architecture and Construction Management, Australia (2019) – The design, integration and implementation of a comprehensive information management system for defence and civil construction projects.
  • PACM Electrical, Australia (2019) – See Parakeelya
  • Superwall, Australia (2019) – The design and creation of technical data for defence contracts
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, International (UK, Australia & Philippines) (2019) – The instigation and implementation of their branch in the Philippines

Development of Fuzzy Logic P = NP Concept, creation of Preventative Maintenance Models using Risk Mitigation Matrix and a Decision-Making Model for Replacing Equipment.

Blockchain, Token, Library

Projects Managed during this time:

  • Futuristics Co., Turkey (2018)– Research in sourcing.
  • AM Group, Ukraine (2018) – Research into category sourcing for e-commerce
  • Litum Bigli Teknolojileri, Turkey (2018) – Research into RFID for hospitals
  • ORBS, Israel (2018) – Restructuring informatics regarding a hybrid blockchain platform
  • Leanbuy, Germany (2018) – Restructuring the conceptualization of lean systems
  • UpKaizen, Estonia (2018) – Developing a lean manufacturing training program
  • Creative Marketing Agency, Australia (2018) – Research into sustainable construction materials and systems.
  • Concentrix, International (USA) (2017) – The design of a construction supply chain information management system.
  • Shi-Hang Corporation, China (2017) – Research into marine metals sourcing
  • De la Rue Currencies and Securities, Sri Lanka (2017) – Audit and proposal for the restructuring of their entire supply chain and maintenance materials system.
  • Bhangoo Media, USA (2017) – Research into multiple e-commerce solutions
  • Kano Engineering (2017) – Research into a novel model for determining the time to replace non-hi-tech machinery
  • Gold’s Siaomai, Philippines (2016) – The design, manufacture, and implementation of an entire fast-food chain across several islands in the Philippines. (Included the cart design, the information management system and the supply chain process.)
  • Golden Plaza Distributors, Canada (2016) – Design, construction and integration of an ERP Next system for a hybrid online and brick and mortar retailer.
  • RSF, USA (2016) – Research into rideshare platforms and the gig economy

Development of Cloud Integrated Solutions & Referral Network Systems

Project Management, Risk Management, Plant Layout, Preventative Maintenance, Forecasting, Information Matrix, GPS, Cloud

Projects Managed during this time:

  • Bet Shemesh Engines (2008) – Design, integration and implementation of a new supply chain system.
  • Newsnet International (2004) – The design and development of a complete web site host and design platform used by over half a million users in eight languages.
  • Heinz Kraft, International (2000) – The development of an alternative raw material source leading to the removal of an entire production process and leading and a 30% reduction in operation costs for a line of foods.

  • Development of ERP and Resource Source to Source Algorithm

    MTM, Ergonomics and Resource Allocation, RDBMS, Procurement, Warehouse, Logistics, Transport

    Projects Managed during this time:

    • Hadassah University Hospital  (1989) – The development of a comprehensive hospital ERP system linking resources to ICD9 and DRG’s.
    • Alumor Lasers, Japan (1988) – The design and implementation of a transfer from R&D to the production facility for automotive laser cutting robotics.
    • Boeing Corporation (1987) – Project management of key 747 wing components.
    • ELDE electrooptical (1986) – The development of an automated warehouse recognition system using biometric integration at key process junctions.
    • Wilnecote Castings (1980) – The restructuring of an aluminium diecasting quality audit system raising overall production efficiency by 22%