Design & Construct

FLE specializes in Information Design and Construct projects (IDCp) and Systems Design and Construct projects (SDCp).


IDCP is characterized by the need to provide information for management and decision making. To assure a comprehensive and efficient solution, information must be sourced to its primal origin. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a major component in prime origin sourcing. FLE researches all information to its originating source and compares parallel sources to establish the original first (primal) source. In some instances, information is established at two or more different sources for different purposes and this is the root cause of information conflict in most systems today.

FLE specialises in reaching the roots, the primal sources of all information, and then designing a system that uses a structure for minimising information parallelity within the system. Thereby reducing risk of error, reducing input variances, improving data collation and reporting and defining a streamlined and efficient analytic report system based on unique shared data sets.

FLE specialises in UX, whereby the ergonomics of navigation and input are key to efficient management as well a reducing risk. Focusing the eye on what is required, reducing conflict on the screen and enabling easy navigation all leads to a successful and optimised data management system. (Think Google) One originating source leading to a data update in a shared environment leading to report information integrity. In other words, no more double-triple talk, no more conflicting data, only one data set used by different processes to create a comprehensive data information set.


Systems are physical activities that require multiple interactions between many resources. This is the instance of the five dimensions. SDCp is all about what, where, when and how. As defined, “what” is the term that defines the task to be performed, “where” defines where the task is to be performed. “When” defines the time and time range for the “what” and “how” are the influencers that determine the outcome of the action. The more complex an action, the more “hows” influence it, the more issues may arise. SDCp is all about creating an efficient process with maximum risk mitigation. It also includes providing unlimited numbers of solutions for every conceivable problem that could arise. Once the system has been researched and the resources reviewed,

FLE designs an optimised system for high efficiency and minimum risk and upon approval constructs the new system integrating all the components required to provide the optimum solution.