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Please note: We only accept professional supply chain and transport articles prepared by any individual or company that that has personally applied the solution to the problem provided in the article. We do not accept plagiarised content, and we do not accept “1 liners”. All articles must be succinct, with good flow, correct spelling and grammar.
You may be a truck driver, a rideshare or taxi driver, a courier, a buyer, a purchasing manager, a warehouse manager, a ships officer, an airline crew member, a supply chain director or even a company owner. We accept articles for everyone involved in the supply chain and transport process.

Solution articles are solutions to problems that have actually been established and solved personally by the author.
What we accept:
Micro level: The solution to changing a track on a Caterpillar D9 tractor when there is no immediate replacement track.
Micro level: A step by step solution How to Display Technical Names in SAP
What we do not accept:
Macro Level: a corporate solution to IT (such as introducing Blockchain)
Macro Level: an ambiguous solution to handling materials, such as the use of a forklift.

Please maintain the following post format in the Post Description:
Heading 1- Problem (Describe the problem in a paragraph)
Heading 2- Solution (Describe your solution that worked)
Heading 3- Outcome (Present the outcome in time/resource savings)

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Please be patient, we peer review all articles and it may take up to 2 weeks to post your article.