Registration SC Professionals

Only professionals in the Supply Chain sector may register here. This registration stream is not automatic, after you have filled in the form, including the professional organisation affiliation you have, we will check this information before approving your registration.

Professionals may post articles to the library and will be paid the closest equivalent of $1,000 per article in FLEx tokens.

If someone referred you, please put their referral code in the Referral Code field at the bottom of this form. After registration, you too can be a referrer, you will receive your referral link that you can send to all your friends and acquaintances and build up a larger bank of FLEx.

All referrers receive a 100 FLEx bonus.

  • Personal Details

  • Professional Identification

    Please enter your membership number of one of the professional organisations or rideshare companies in the list.
  • Please select at least one organisation you are a member of, from this list.
  • If you drive for a ridehsare company that is not in the list, please type in the ridehsare company name and your company ID.
  • Wallet Address

    You must enter a valid ETH wallet Address, FLEx is an erc20 token. If you do not enter an address we cannot send you your FLEx. If you dont have an address, we suggest opening one up with MEW, its easy and fast.
  • Registration Completion

    Strength indicator
  • If someone referred you, enter their user name here and you both receive extra FLEx
  • Please copy this code shown in the below box

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