Employment Opportunities

if you are interested in collaborating with Fuzzy.One and being part of the team, please select a role and apply.

Fuzzy.One has reached its 1st phase of success and is now seeking to become a unicorn venture. For this next phase we need someone with strong fundraising and marketing skills, an individual that seeks the opportunity to prove to them selves that they can reach the billion dollar club.

We are now one step away from reaching that level of venture, but require a specialist that can carry us there, this is your time and your opportunity.

CEO & Partner

We are seeking a partner who will accept an ownership percentage deal and after fund raising, receive a significant incentivised income package.
This is not your usual CEO role, it is an ownership role and a chance for a strong entrepreneurial type to reach the unicorn level.
We provide you with the platform and the project that has already matured and is ready for unicorn level, you provide the key to opening the door to that status.
The ideal candidate will manage the marketing, social media and fundraising side of the company as well as develop and implement strategies that meet the needs of the customers and the stakeholders.
The candidate will be responsible for making key decisions and executing the culture of the company.
The successful candidate will be offered an extremely lucrative package.

Take lead across most aspects of the company by reviewing how departments work together
Make key decisions that will affect the company's direction
Build a positive and productive culture in the workplace
Must have strong leadership, decision making and communication skills

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
Preferably with an MBA
10+ years' experience in Finance, with strong fundraising capabilities and financial and budget management
10+ years' experience in a Marketing, Social media in a finance/fintech related field
3+ years' experience in cryptocurrency market

To Apply, please ian@fuzzy.one with your resume (cv), subject title "CEO Application".