Who We Are

Fuzzy Logistics Engineering (FLE) started with the vision of a young industrial engineer that saw systems in five dimensions. His vision evolved over time as he interacted with hundreds of different people over 45 years and reached a comprehension of a possible concept that may be the solution for P = NP as well as a deterministic algorithm for solving complex decision-making nexus points.

Today FLE is a global initiative, integrating the WWW share and refer network structure to build a vast database of validated solutions. In doing so, creating the data sets for range appreciation to create new validated solutions for “like” instances that require a solution. The core of this global initiative is comprised of a panel of professionals from the UK, Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, South Africa, Colombia and the USA. Anyone can join our initiative, subscribe and become an active participant in Fuzzy.One

Fuzzy Executive

Ian Kano

Fuzzy One (Founder)

Industrial Engineer with an MBA and over 35 years of supply chain and information engineering experience. Led the way for fuzzy logic in supply chain optimisation, risk mitigation and preventative maintenance. Ian is Vice Chairman of CILT Philippines.

Nitin Arora

Fuzzy Site (Site Developer)

Software Development Guru capable of building anything. He is CEO at VTaurus Technologies Developed our site and subscription module and database manager.

Liezel Baliguat

Fuzzy Site (Library Director)

Liezel is a mother of 3, with a degree in Financial Management from BSBA. She has experience in Warehouse Management, cryptocurrency trading and in accounting.

Andrey Nechsov

Fuzzy Token (Token Developer)

Blockchain Guru and expert in all things Ether. he is the founder and CEO of Delta.Money Developer of the FLEx token, and created the automated token environment for our subscribers. Our head of crypto development.

Mohan Devsam

Fuzzy Engineer (Director)

Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of nuclear, water and construction engineering experience. Expert trainer and mathematical wizard, is nominated as our head of algorithm structure.

Rakib Sikdar

Fuzzy Exchange (Exchange Manager)

Rakib is a young crypto specialist and our country head for Bangladesh. He is 23 years old, a BBA graduate student, and a crypto market analyst, with IEO/listing experience.

Md Fahadur Rahman

Fuzzy Reach (Marketing)

Rahman leads the marketing team and provides social media and referral networking services. Among his many talents are: SMM (Social Media Marketing). • Website traffic • Make leads and sales • Market Research • Paid Ads Marketing • Organic Group Growth • Article Submissions • Blog Commenting • Directory Submission. • Link Building • Press Release Submission. • Forum Posting. • Search Engine Submissions • Press Release Submissions • Social Media Profiles Creation and Growth • Classified Ads Submission. • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Marketing • Reddit, 4chan and Discord Marketing • Instagram, Medium and Pinterest Marketing • Telegram, Stocktwits and Youtube Marketing

Tingxiao Zhao

Fuzzy China (Site Developer)

Graphic Designer & English to Chinese Translator, set up the Fuzzy Chinese presence: Mohuyi.cn