Our History

For over 40 years Fuzzy.One has been in development. It started out as an idea, a concept, and over time evolved into a reality.

Fuzzy.One was developed through trial and error, adaptation to emerging technologies and through understanding the concept of P = NP. Just as the solution that

Fuzzy.One strives to deliver, it too is constantly evolving with new technologies that provide it with more functionality and power.

Fuzzy.One is literally an evolutionary-based system.

2020 – Online for full global coverage
2019 – Fuzzy.One project started
2018 – Blockchain, Token, Library
2004 – Information Matrix, GPS, Cloud
1996 – Preventative Maintenance, Forecasting
1992 – Risk Management, Plant Layout
1986 – Project Management, ERP
1982 – RDBMS, Procurement, Warehouse, Logistics, Transport
1978 – MTM, Ergonomics and Resource Allocation