FLEx is an ERC-20 token created for Fuzzy.One activity.

It is an ERC-20 token that is tradable on multiple exchanges. The token has a finite limit, and we will not be producing more than the original amount. This will give the token a tradable value base.

We recognize that building up a knowledge base is a time and energy-centric activity. Writing articles, responding to articles, creating dialogue and discussion are all time-consuming activities that when nurtured allow us to evolve.

Fuzzy.One is all about solutions, and we strive to find solutions for all problems that are detailed by our clients and subscribers. The more solutions we can catalogue and integrate within the Fuzzy.One platform the more accurate and vast a P=NP platform this will become. Eventually, we intend to be the leading solution provider with immediate validate solutions for every conceivable problem, even if the problem has not occurred.

Therefore, as an incentive to help all of us grow, we at Fuzzy.One are offering for free a very large bonus during a limited time frame in the form of 1,000 FLEx tokens per subscription and 1000 FLEx tokens for every article written, and 1 FLEx for every comment or reply.
We are also offering activity incentives for those members that enjoy being active.

All articles and responses are peer-reviewed, so this is not automatic, this is in place to make sure we have good content relevant to our site.

This is a Limited Time Offer