Janine Maza

Public Relations Officer

Janine is a GM assistant and professional event planner with experience in crypto exchange promotions,marketing and website with youtube development.

Felixberto Duran Jr.


Felixberto is a security expert and bachelor of criminology. He specializes in commercial and cyber security systems.

Liezel Baliguat


Liezel is a mother of 3, with a degree in Financial Management from BSBA. She has experience in Warehouse Management, cryptocurrency trading and in accounting.

Irish Llanita


Irish is a 19 years of age from Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. She is a 1st Year College Student with the Course of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

Diovanne Sagosy


A married with 2 daughters education specialist with experience in group management.

Leanne Gomez


Leanne is a 23 year old from Pampanga experienced project manager specialising in community and cryptocurrency projects.

Sophie Dizon


Sophie is a community manager and a crypto trader and enthusiast.

Jeanyl Sanchez


Jeanyl is an experienced community manager and cyptocurrency trader.

Ian Degenon


Ian is a college graduate 27 years of age.He holds a BS in business administration. Major in HRDM. he works in a finance company for 5 years as a collection. Asst.