About Us

Fuzzy Logic Engineering (FLE) is a design, optimisation, integration and implementation engineering consultancy that specialises in providing full-scale optimisation of supply chain systems and in the design and integration of information management systems to support efficient and continuously optimised operations.

FLE originated in the UK and spread out globally reaching locations in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Using the fuzzy logic approach we can provide multiple option solutions that are all validated in a step wise process where constraints are preset to filter the solutions for a manageable decision-making process. These constraints are set in the form of resource utilisation, cost and time.

FLE uses common sense and a real world view of the environment merging the binary decision-making process with a fuzzy logic informed solutions.

FLE utilizes the P=NP concept where a validated solution must be provided as fast as or faster than the problem-solving process. This can only be conceptualised when a validated solution system is in place, providing solutions to problems that have not yet been initiated. In simple terms: Risk Mitigation – or what we call Fuzzy.One

In order to bring such complexity into being, we rely on user experience and validated solution databases that provide the core of the fuzzy logic process.

Unlike a binary system, where the answer is either yes or no, a fuzzy logic system looks at a range and places the answer within a range that is “like” or “similar” to the situation. This is actually what real life is all about.

What Fuzzy.One aims to reach is a stricter decision making constraint based on a wide range of options. The stricter the constraint, the fewer solution options provided. Fuzzy.One has been in development since 1978 and reached culmination in 2019.

FLE works with key clients in different industrial sectors, providing fully optimised solutions on time, in full, and constantly upgrading and evolving. Fuzzy.One is all about nature, evolution and that fact that we don’t live in a binary world, we live in a really fuzzy one!