Breaking News: 5 April 2020.

We are now listed on VinDAX and Etherflyer. Initial trading has begun.

We have initiated a telegram airdrop, and are also preparing one on Etherflyer.

Due to the exponential rise in new registrants to the site, we are now upgrading our FLEx distribution system to cope with the demand. We thank you for your patience and will restart sending out FLEx in 2-3 days time.

Registration Update

To all new registrants, and to members that have not input their eth wallet address - please do so, or we cannot transfer FLEx tokens to your wallet. If you don't have a wallet address, we offer an automated system that generates a wallet for you in the registration process.

Welcome to Fuzzy.One

We are Fuzzy Logistics Engineering, a supply chain, information engineering company that specialises in systems design, optimisation and implementation.

This site is dedicated to building up our library of supply chain, transport and Gaming solutions. It is a repository of real-time experiences, of problems and the validated solutions that were put into place to solve them.

Our solutions library is a unique and original concept; it is so because it is based solely on your experience. Like Wiki and Quora, we rely on the public to build the worlds most comprehensive supply chain and transport solutions library online with free access to all. As the library grows, categorization and search algorithms will activate to speed up a fine-tuned solution provider. The more solutions we catalogue and integrate within the Fuzzy.One platform the more accurate and efficient the outcomes.

NEW - gaming solutions for all simulators and gaming environments. This new addition provides solutions for all supply chain gaming software issues.

and...We pay our subscribers (you) to provide information! We are giving out erc20 FLEx tokens for free for every problem and solution you upload into the Discussions library on this site!

Don't hesitate - Act Now - Click here to Subscribe for Free and get paid immediately with erc20 FLEx tokens today!

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