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We are Fuzzy Logistics Engineering, a supply chain, information engineering company that specialises in systems design, optimisation and implementation.

This site is dedicated to building up our library of supply chain and transport solutions. It is a repository of real-time experiences, of problems and the validated solutions that were put into place to solve them.

Our solutions library is a unique and original concept; it is so because it is based solely on your experience. We rely on you to help build the worlds most comprehensive supply chain and transport solutions library online with free access to all. As the library grows, categorisation and search algorithms will activate to speed up a fine-tuned solution provider. The more solutions we catalogue and integrate within the Fuzzy.One platform the more accurate and efficient the outcomes.

and...We pay our subscribers (you) to provide information! We pay you $100 in erc20 FLEx tokens for every problem and solution you upload into the Discussions library on this site!

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Breaking News: 08 July 2020.

***Important Announcement***

All registrations from 29/06 till today are deleted due to abuse by bots and scammers, only around 100 new registrants were noticed amongst 2,600 new registrations. We decided to delete all rather then sift and sort. If your registration was deleted, we apologise and ask you to register again once the registration pages are back up.

We are upgrading the registration process. It is both more robust as well as focused. There are now two registration streams:
Professional that enjoys the ability to post articles, and
Investors that cannot post articles.
The difference between the two is that professionals must be registered to a professional organisation as shown in the professional registration list..

Referrals and Posting
Referrals and registration pay out 100 FLEx each.
Article posts pay out an equivalent of $100 in FLEx based on the market average price which is now set to 250,000 FLEx.

New Exchange Update
We are in the process of adding more mainstream exchnages for trading, once our token is listed we will notify everyone of the new exchnage for trading.

We are introducing a new staking concept for you to earn interest on your tokens.

Our staking means, if you don't withdraw your FLEx from the site, and leave it in the Site, you will receive 120% interest every year, or 10% a month. This is not accumulative, it is 10% per month for a whole month. We do not pay interest for parts of months, and a month we calculate as 30 days. For every 30 days you hold your tokens on site, you receive 10% bonus.

This is not automatic, you must send in a special request to hold your tokens on site before we transfer them. This will be done by checking a check box against every row item of FLEx tokens you have earned on the site but have not yet transferred. The system will then only transfer what you want, and will hold (stake) what you want to stake. You will then be able to see the accumulated interest (once a month) your stake is making for you on site. You can uncheck rows to withdraw at any time.

Article Competition
We will initiate an article competition in 2 weeks time. The competition will only accept professional validates supply chain solutions in the format and according to site rules. Full details will be posted soon.

Eth Wallet Address
To all new registrants: If you do not have an eth wallet address please leave the field blank. If you do have one, make sure it is correct because we will not be responsible for FLEx transfers to wrong addresses. If you do not have an eth wallet, you can open one very easily at MyEtherWallet.com (MEW) you can always add or change your eth wallet address after registration.

We canceled newsletters due to a lot of spam mail issues. We will post all our news updates here in this section. Any special announcements will be released via our communities in Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

Posting Articles
To all authors, we do not accept News articles on any subject or general articles about covid-19, we are not a news service. We only accept professional supply chain and gaming articles presenting an issue, a solution and an outcome. All other articles will not be accepted.

A solution post is made up of three sections:
Section 1: Problem: Where you define the issue
Section 2: Solution: Where do present the solution that solved the issue
Section 3: Outcome: Where you present the outcome in quantitative detail.

We do NOT accept news stories, We do NOT accept Plagiarised content,
Do not copy paste data from another site!
Remember, we are not a news site, we are a library of solutions and we only accept and pay for quality supply chain or gaming solutions.

Country Councils

We have successfully set up councils in 17 countries on 5 continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America) and are growing; you can view our council members in the countries menu section and you can join by sending us the council member application form. We pay our country councillors 10,000 FLEx per month.

If you want to become a council member and represent a country, just fill in this form: Country Council Form
Please note, we only allow up to 10 council members per country. The role of the council member is to promote the library project and help expand our influence. Council members receive 10,000 FLEx per month with FLEx bonuses when group milestones are met.

Registration Update

To all new registrants, and to members that have not input their eth wallet address - please do so, or we cannot transfer FLEx tokens to your wallet. If you don't have a wallet address, we offer an automated system that generates a wallet for you in the registration process.

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