A supply chain information platform
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What is Fuzzy.One

Q&A Platform

Get quick fixes to everyday supply chain problems in your own language now. The solution-writer could be a truck driver, a supplier, a garage owner, a delivery person, a retail importer, a tax specialist, and the list goes on. We pay for the Answers; Every answer gets paid a base rate. Urgent questions create a bonus.

Solution Repository

An indexed searchable library of pre-validated solutions and articles, designed to solve similar and unique issues in supply chain. The articles in this library contain years of mind-numbing wisdom squeezed into a few paragraphs of validated solutions with quantifiable outcomes. The writers are rewarded in crypto, based on several factors including the relevance of their articles.

Fuzzy Mall

An online marketplace for supply chain companies and service providers worldwide to connect and execute smooth trade with each other. Now relax and let us manage your trade-status hassles.

FUZ Token

FUZ Token will be build on Solana. Solana is a fast, secure, and censorship-resistant blockchain. It is also an easy blockchain to link up and provide an inexpensive, fast and secure environment for our global community.

Why use Fuzzy.One

We break down the Language barrier

We enable everyone to post Q&A's in their language so that localized professionals can respond in the same language, removing the English barrier that predominate the internet.

We break down the Cryptocurrency barrier

We use cryptocurrency as an intermediary payment form, where rewards are paid for in full, and the users can then convert or exchange their tokens with Fiat on our dApp (Fuzzy Swap) page in the app and on the site.

We break down the Globalization barrier

Offering localised Q&As. In other words, you do not need to ask a question that is not focused on your location. If you need help locally, you can ask a question that includes your town/city. If you need help nationally, you can include your country; if you need generic help that is not local or national, you ask a global question without a city or country.

We break down the Urgency & Quality barrier

One of the biggest issues is knowing how to ask. Our system breaks down this issue by using internal fuzzy logic and focusing on helping people on how to ask. Sometimes, people want immediate answers. In other cases, they don't. We provide an urgency selector, where the requestor selects how fast they want the response.


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