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We are Fuzzy Logistics Engineering, a supply chain, information engineering company that specialises in systems design, optimisation and implementation.

This site is dedicated to building up our library of supply chain, transport and Gaming solutions. It is a repository of real-time experiences, of problems and the validated solutions that were put into place to solve them.

Our solutions library is a unique and original concept; it is so because it is based solely on your experience. Like Wiki and Quora, we rely on the public to build the worlds most comprehensive supply chain and transport solutions library online with free access to all. As the library grows, categorization and search algorithms will activate to speed up a fine-tuned solution provider. The more solutions we catalogue and integrate within the Fuzzy.One platform the more accurate and efficient the outcomes.

NEW - gaming solutions for all simulators and gaming environments. This new addition provides solutions for all supply chain gaming software issues.

and...We pay our subscribers (you) to provide information! We are giving out erc20 FLEx tokens for free for every problem and solution you upload into the Discussions library on this site!

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Breaking News: 25 May 2020.

Due to technical issues limitations built into their platform, we are delisting from VinDAX. We will maintain our presence on Etherflyer as our main exchange until we IEO. If anyone is trading on VinDAX, please transfer all your trades to Etherflyer. Thank you.

To all authors, we do not accept general articles about covid-19, we are not a news service. We only accept professional supply chain and gaming articles presenting an issue, a solution and an outcome. All other articles will not be accepted.

New Token Rules

As of the 28th April, free FLEx will only be given out for registration on this site and the amount will now be 100 FLEx per registration, 1,000 FLEx per posted article (You are not limited to the number of articles you can post to the solutions library) and 1 Flex per comment. All payouts will be done once a week in bulk at the end of the week.

Transfer of Tokens

Due to the exponential rise in new registrants to the site, we are now upgrading our FLEx distribution system to cope with the demand. We are delaying the transfer of all tokens from airdrop to the end of the airdrop campaign as is noted in the airdrop registration. This is to mitigate the damage caused by individuals and groups that only register fro Free FLEx without any interest in our project. These individuals then go and dump the tokens on the exchanges before the token has a chance to stabilise.

We expect our registrants to understand that the tokens are given out as a payment for posting articles, and the registration token is a bonus. Therefore a new rule has been initiated to stop scammers that only want a free ride at our expense: Tokens will be sent out after the airdrop is finished as noted in the airdrop application process. Once the airdrop is completed, everyone will get their FLEx. The only people that will get FLEx before the airdrop is completed are the individuals that post articles (and the article is authorised for publication)

This means, that if you register and successfuly publish an article for the library you will receive FLEx, if you only register to get free FLEx you will have to wait until the airdrop process is completed and will then receive the FLEx as part of a bulk distribution process.

Once the airdrop is complete on May 17th, the Registration bonus of 1,000 FLEx, and the referal bonus of 100 FLEx will be reduced to 100 FLEx per registration and 10 FLEx per referral. The only 1,000 FLEx to be given out will be for Posting Articles.

Country Councils

We have successfully set up councils in 9 countries on 5 continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America) and are growing; our ambassador offices are now in Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela.

If you want to become a council member and represent a country, just fill in this form: Country Council Form
Please note, we only allow up to 10 council members per country. The role of the council member is to promote the library project and help expand our influence. Council members receive 10,000 FLEx per month with FLEx bonuses when group milestones are met.

Registration Update

To all new registrants, and to members that have not input their eth wallet address - please do so, or we cannot transfer FLEx tokens to your wallet. If you don't have a wallet address, we offer an automated system that generates a wallet for you in the registration process.

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